Procrasti..nator: Chrome Extension Part 1

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Hi everyone in this series of cast will be building a chrome extension called procrastinator. And what this extension will do is that it will detect when there has been no screen activity for 15 seconds and then start drinking an alarm. So what's gonna happen is that we will click on this start button to start recording the time that we're tracking our activity. And when we detect or the extension will detect that there has been no screen activity, which means there's been no scrolling down, opening tabs and so on. Then the alarm will go off and that will let us know. Okay, you need to stop procrastinating now for testing purposes, we're using 15 seconds. Uh, so that is the time limit that we're giving ourselves. But you can always change that to five minutes and so on. So let's go ahead and start working on this.
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Brief introduction to the chrome extension that we will be making.

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