Introduction to Phoenix - Part 1

20 casts | 4:50:56 for the total course

Phoenix Elixir Web Development


Learn to build performant web applications using the Phoenix framework for the Elixir language.

What will we learn

This is one of the multiple courses we will do to master the Phoenix framework.

In this part, we will learn:

  • Setting up a Phoenix project
  • Building pages with Phoenix
  • Connecting to a Postgres database (using the Ecto library)
  • Working with contexts (a key feature to organize application code in Phoenix applications)
  • Building a completed CRUD functionality (Create, Read, Update and Delete)
  • Learning about some of the best practice to organize code in a Phoenix application.
  • and much much more…


This series assumes that you are already familiar with the Elixir language.

If you’re not familiar with Elixir, you can learn more about it by completing this series:

  • 1. Setting things up
    • Intro to Phoenix: Let's Get Started


    • Intro to Phoenix: Installing Dependencies


    • Intro to Phoenix: Starting your Project


    • Intro to Phoenix: Our Home Page


    • Intro to Phoenix: About Us Page


    • Intro to Phoenix: About Us Page (Part 2)


  • 2. Interacting with the Database using Ecto
    • Intro to Phoenix: Ecto - Migrations and Schemas Basics


    • Intro to Phoenix: Ecto - Changesets - Part 1