OOP with TypeScript: Introduction


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the typescript. And in this series we're actually going to talk about the object oriented programming in the typescript. So it's quite simple. Um it's quite understandable and it's quite reasonable, the GOP is always helpful whenever you're doing anything with the GOP. It actually maintains your data. It actually, you know, you know, it's an object oriented approach. So whenever you're creating uh any a program with the object oriented programming, you're actually, you know, putting the data in into the objects. So everything you create in a in a program for every component you create in a program you create actually an object. So every component is somehow an object in the object oriented programming. This is an approach, you know, similarly, we have another approach which is uh called the functional programming and procedural programming. So we are we are just going to talk about how the, you know, how the object oriented programming works. So in the object oriented programming we are going to use the classes were going to use the and the constructor functions, you're going to use the different methods of classes. And we're gonna talk about how we can create an object using the typescript. So ultimately the typescript is, you know, is a super set of javascript. So whatever you're doing in the typescript will be converted into the, into the javascript. So if you're using, you know, the javascript, latest versions like, you know, e c m a um 2017 18 or things like that are actually accepts and understands the classes. The object oriented programming but the previous versions doesn't understand that. So in that case, for example, you're talking about ES five. So the javascript es five doesn't understand that. And your class will be converted into the functional functional way. So you will convert the programs into the your 00. P. Program will be converted into the functional programming but it will work similarly actually. When you're working with the typescript, you do not need to see the code of the javascript and you do not need to do anything with the javascript code so that it's it's still helpful. There is no problem. So this is the introduction of the series we're going to talk about in the next video. We're gonna actually talk how to create a class and the benefits of the class. So until then stay tuned.
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Introduction to our Object-Oriented Programming with CodeCast Series.

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