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gonna start a new series and in that series we're going to talk about next Js and we're actually going to create the, create a complete blog using Next Js and for his styling, we're gonna use the tailwind. Okay. Um, there, there, there can be multiple questions. For example, why I'm choosing the next day is to create a blog. Actually, when you're talking about the next days, you're talking about, you know, in react, you have to add libraries, you have to, you have to do the back end using some different framework or the library. Like you're going to use the next no Js or you can do any other backend language, but in next days you do not need that. So that's simplified. And absolutely next days is the best framework, you know, uh, ever made over the react in the javascript for sure. I think so, this is why I'm gonna use the next Js. Okay, now let's come to the tailwind, why I'm choosing the tailwind when I can use, you know, the material, I can use the bootstrap. So actually the Children is the most famous framework styling framework these days. And in the Children in the, in the bootstrap bootstrap is not very much, you know compatible with the react framework. So ultimately, when you're working on next day is you're definitely working on react in the meantime, because the, the react the next days is a super set of react and it's built on react. So I highly prefer using the Children. So in this actually in this series, you're gonna, you know, you're going to learn how you can make a complete app a complete project in the next days and you're gonna learn a lot about about the Children and absolutely we're going to apply a lot of things. One more thing how from where we're going to get the data. I mean you can you can use the database, you can use the you know you can you can create some dummy data in your in your application. I prefer getting the data from an external website which is you know, the adjacent placeholder dot type the code dot com. That's a very famous uh website to get the dummy data. So we're going to get the posts from that website and we're going to fetch the data from the website and absolutely it would be, you know, it would be practiced about how to get the data from some other um some other website and get it here. And absolutely in some other series we're gonna have we're gonna create our own api and we're gonna get our data and we're going to create the admin panel to manage the data. But in this series we're gonna talk about how how to put the data, how to manage the data and how to make a blog working and how to create the data. This is not the you know, agent of this series. This will be covered in some other series. Okay then in the next cast were absolutely absolutely, you know, gonna start the project until then stay tuned.
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In this cast, we will discuss about what we will learn in the series and why tailwind is good with nextjs

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