Build a Fundraising Rust Smart Contract with NEAR CLI and Cargo

14 casts | 1:25:32 for the total course

Blockchain Near


What is the NEAR blockchain?

built to be simple, secure and scalable. Low cost. High speed. Effortless scale. <0.01USD Transaction Cost 18M+ Active Accounts 400K Daily Transactions ~2.4s Time to Finality Contracts, DAOs, dapps, funding Layer 1 blockchainnot dependent on other chains. uses a unique scaling mechanism

Nightshade sharding Scales infinitely resists short-term usage spikes Proof of stake

More efficient than Bitcoin and Ethereum web-based wallet

no need for users to install programs or browser extensions makes it especially easy to onboard new users (e.g. through named accounts) Certified carbon neutral

consumes in a year the same energy bitcoin consumes in 3 minutes Interoperable with Ethereum

using Rainbow Bridge Join 1.3+ million students in high-quality courses featured at Harvard

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  • 1. 00 Project preview
    • 00 Project preview | Build a Fundraising Rust Smart Contract with NEAR CLI and Cargo


  • 2. 00f Install curl (for Mac or Linux Unix Terminals only)
    • 01 Install curl


  • 3. 00g (Prerequisite) Install Rust and Cargo
    • 00 Install Rust and Cargo on Mac (Bash and ZShell) or Windows


  • 4. 01 Build Fundraising Rust Smart Contract
    • 01 Set Up Fundraising Rust Smart Contract


    • 02 Build a struct Default in Rust for smart contract


    • 03 Implement Contract struct with init function


    • 04 Deploy contract to NEAR test network without logging in


  • 5. 02 Build getters and setters in Rust smart contract
    • 01 Build a getter function


    • 02 Build a setter function in Rust and call from contract owner


  • 6. 03 Build a second file for Rust smart contract
    • 01 Build a second file for Rust smart contract


    • 02 Build a Rust function to get number of pledges stored


    • 03 Get value from key in Rust map


  • 7. 04 Build a payable Rust function to transfer cryptocurrency
    • 01 Build a payable Rust function to transfer cryptocurrency


    • 02 Call a payable function with dev account and attached deposit


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