Enterprise Grade Apps using .NET MAUI

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Series Introduction

When it comes to mobile development, choosing the right technology isn’t as obvious as : Choose native if you want your app on one platform and Flutter or reach when needing it to be cross-platform. These technologies come with pros and cons, each have their own use cases. On this tutorial series, you will be learning to develop mobile apps using .NET MAUI.


What is MAUI ?

.NET MAUI is Microsoft’s powerful framework for creating cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS, using a single codebase, and being able to deploy it on multiple platforms. Moreover, it is the evolution of Xamarin, which means that the team behind .NET MAUI has taken all the experiences over several years, to develop from scratch this new framework as the successor of Xamarin.Forms.


  • Easy To Learn, Hard To Master
  • Easy to get into if you already know another .NET Framework
  • Skills carry over to other .NET tools ( WPF, WinUI )
  • Advantages of Cross-Platform
  • Supported By A Big Organization

Carry Over Of Skills

In this tutorial we are going to learn everything from the basics to the advanced aspects of this framework, the basics are very easy to carry over to other mobile frameworks and understanding the advanced concepts can help you easily learn them when changing tools.

Contents Of The Series

Here are the main headlines :

  • Getting started
  • MAUI Essentials
  • XAML Layouts
  • Working with Images
  • Working with Lists and Collections
  • Navigation And Routing
  • Forms and Settings Page
  • Data Access
  • Using Design Patterns
  • Advanced
  • Creating A Project

Building A Project

At the end of the tutorial series, we will develop a food-on-demand application with 2 app interfaces, one for an admin and one for the end user.

Who is this for

  • People wanting to learn mobile development.
  • .NET developers wanting to learn this new framework.


  • Knowledge of C#

Repository Of The Tutorial


  • 1. Getting Started
    • Introduction To The Series


    • Setting Up Development Env And First Project


  • 2. MAUI Essentials
    • Elements Of A Mobile App Interface


    • Defining User Interfaces C# vs XAML


    • Page Types In .NET MAUI


    • Common UI Controls in .NET MAUI


    • Designing A Beautiful Interface in .NET MAUI


    • Data Binding And Synchronizing Data Between Components


Created By

Computer Science Student, Web And Software Engineering Branch. A .NET Developer since 2018.



This course includes

Develop Mobile apps using .NET MAUI, Microsoft’s latest cross-platform development framework.

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