TicTacToe: Creacting the skeleton


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how is everyone doing? So um I have some decent, some pretty exciting news. Not super exciting or anything, but we're gonna be going on a little project. We're gonna be making a project and we're going to be making a simple tic tac token. So it's gonna be very simple. We're just gonna have board and terms and stuff like that. Um and yeah, this is probably consist of party 4-5 code casts because this one is going to be creating a skeleton. And then I'm also gonna have one video, one video for each function that I'm creating for the stick to the game. And then at the end I might have one for re factory. So yeah, just asking you guys well, heads up, how long is it going to be? Um but the videos are gonna be too long either just gonna try to split it up as easy as possible. And yeah, so the main things that I want to focus on when um when making this is having clear what we need to do. So for Tiktok token, we need to make and print the board because I mean we need that right aside from that. We also need play a player turns when it can be excess turn and when is it gonna be the whole string? Then we also need to get player input to get the move or we can just call that player move aside from that. We also want, sorry, I apologize guys, a little bit sick. Um we also want to update the board with the player move. Um and then we also want to put that after it, but we can have, you know, we don't need to repeat that. And then we also want to detect planning game when the game is over obviously and last but not least. We also want to identify, identify the winner because I think that's a must. Okay? So now that we have that we're just gonna go ahead and create very very simple code. That's going to be kind of the base of what we're going to be doing. Um And then I'm gonna be also naming a bunch of functions that we haven't created yet and we're going to create in the future. Okay? So so first we're on board board is gonna equal make board. Oh why did this happen to him that make make four? And then we also want player. So at the beginning I'm just gonna Player X equal through because the the player starts out always X. We're gonna do well game over. It's not not equal true as a win while the game is still on, we want to crypt board. So we're gonna have ford that was low battery. Okay? And then we also want to update board the women of the function and what we need to update the board is the board declare is making the moves and the moves and then we're just gonna make that clear next and move okay? And we also need to get their input but well make that in a moment. Okay? And then we do and then we switch players, Player X. Equals no player X. So whatever it is that it's gonna be another thing if that makes any sense. Okay then uh we're going thank you, it's a winner not equal none. Then open a crypt the strength the winner is plus winner. I'm gonna make winner like give it give it a value in game over because that's where identifying the winner hands game over anyway. And else it's gonna be a cascade but there's no one there. So we're gonna print oh cats game who? And really quick we're just gonna get player input right here. Now we're just gonna put move equals input. Mhm. What's your move? And there we have it we have a very simple skeleton. And later videos we're gonna identify. We're gonna make the board, we're gonna have something a function called game over print board update board. And winner is it gonna be functioning obviously, but it's going to be identified. Probably thinking over or in another one of our functions later on. So yeah, I hope you guys are excited to go on this little tic tac dough tic tac toe game journey with me and I will see you guys in future videos and see how you guys follow up. Thanks so much for watching and goodbye
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We are going to be making a simple but fun tictactoe game! In this cast we will just be creating a simple skeleton for our code :)

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