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how we can um set up angular in our system. So the very first thing we need to do is to install the angular by using its cli so I'm just gonna show you a thing if I go to get started and if we do not need to know this, try your thing for now we're just gonna go to this setup and here the prerequisites as we talked about, we need to know the javascript, you can see that to use the angular framework. You should be familiar with the following. The javascript, vanilla, javascript coding and the html. Html is absolutely absolutely important. You know the CSS is another important thing. So these things are these three things that things are actually necessary. But yeah the knowledge of typescript is helpful but not very much required. But yeah it's helpful anyway. And then there is a requirement you need to have the no Js in your system and the NPM package manager. So the no Js and the Np NPM package manager because you know you want to install the um the angular and to install the angular, you have to use the NPM package manager and actually you do not need the the for now the no Js. But you know to install the Npm to have the NPM in your system, you have to install the no Js because the no Js actually installs the uh the the the NPM package manager comes with the no Js. So you just need to go to the website. No Js and you need to install it if you don't have this already just like that and you need to install it, you know, and you can use any version like, you know, the current version or the recommended one. I prefer the recommended for most users, which is the stable version for now. Anyways, when you are watching the video, maybe the recommended version would be the 7, 17.9 or maybe 18 or maybe, you know, who knows? But I'm just telling you what you need to do anyway. So once you get the no Js, which is very important, you need to go to the next step which is the installing the angular cli. So you can use the angular cli to create projects, generate applications, library code. So, you know, first of all, we need the angular cli, we're gonna install the angular cli by the way. So first thing first, it's gonna help us uh the angular cli gonna help us creating the angular based application. And once we do that, the second thing we need to do is um the once we, you know, we install the angular cli, we we will have the angular in our system. And then the next thing we are going to do is we absolutely need to create multiple components later. So the angular cli helps us a lot in creating the components and everything. So this is also a thing, you know, you know, you need to know if I just go there. The cli command reference. So if I just open that, you are going to see something, something cool if you never see that, you know, to generate basic workflow, you know, engine. Ooh, my first project. So to create a project, you need to have the cli and then how the cli works by using the N. G. Okay, So unlike, you know, you've, if you've worked with the react or notes or next days or something like that, we don't install their CLS and we simply use the NPM to kick off the project, kick start the project actually. But here we have the energy, you can see that to build the product, the product in the production, we use the N G. Again. And then there are a few more command lines, the ads, if you want to add something, you know, to build something to conflict. To deploy The E two E degenerate, you know, that the generator helps us creating many things. Let's just see what the generator has actually. So I'm just going there and now you're gonna see that you can generate these things. Let's say, if there is some sample, um, let's say we want to generate and you can see that, that's how, that's how it works. If you want to generate the app shell to N. G, generate app shell and this is how, and you can put some option if you want to, so that's how the engine and the, the angular cli works and that's a that's an amazing thing. While, you know, you were installing the angular, you're ultimately first installing the the angular cli, and then you will be able to set up the angular by creating a new app. So let's just install the angular cli for now. And how we are going to do that. We need to open the we need to have the terminal, the windows terminal. We're going to install the the angular cli in the next video because we're we've already had a detailed discussion about the angular cli. So, until then, stay tuned.
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Setup Angular in your system.

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